Utrecht University will be launching customer for Pyrolyze

Utrecht University will be launching customer for Pyrolyze

Utrecht University has become a launching customer for Pyrolyze. In January they bought a demonstration pyrolysis machine, with which they will conduct further research into pyrolysis techniques in their own laboratory settings. “It’s no surprise that our first client is a university,” explains CEO Peter Klaren. “Our small handy device is ideal for a laboratory setting. You can vary the waste plastic you throw in it, test the effectiveness of different catalysts and add your own additives. Different parameter settings produce different oil fractions and you gradually learn a lot about pyrolysis. ”

Peter hopes that the demonstration machine will contribute to the further development of the pyrolysis technology. “In the world, an untold amount of waste plastic is sent to incinerators, while pyrolysis allows us to turn it into clean diesel, naphtha and syngas. Due to the relatively small scale of our pyrolysis installations, we have superior control over the transformation from waste plastics to raw materials. It is wonderful that the pyrolysis process is being further embraced and further developed by science. ”

In addition to the demonstration plant, which converts three kilos of waste plastic per batch into diesel, naphtha and gas, Pyrolyze has two production units for sale that can process waste plastic on location. “Our largest device processes 150 kilograms of waste plastic per hour,” says Peter Klaren. “This mini refinery can be transported by sea container and can run continuously, because the device provides for it’s own energy and cleans itself. Our end goal is to market this device well, so that we can make a really big impact on the environment. Waste management companies, municipalities or communities can purchase one, but also 10 next to each other. This gives you a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, self-sufficient system that helps to combat plastic pollution and at the same time generate your own fuel and raw materials. For developing countries we also have a device that works with waste motor oil. A nice incentive to stop that stuff from running into the ground, resulting in terrible pollution.”

There are now about 30 candidates for the pyrolysis production equipment. “We are now working to validate our technology on a larger scale,” said Peter Klaren. “A proven track record is necessary for the purchase of such a large unit. In the meantime, I expect the smaller demonstration units to run quickly. In addition to Utrecht University, universities in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Thailand have already shown interest, without actively doing anything about it. The prospects come to us by themselves via pyrolyze.com. ”

Pyrolyze is participating in the fifth year of the BeStart accelerator. “In the program we get interesting connections to validate our technology,” said Peter. “We are now in talks with Omrin to work together to validate our technology. BeStart also keeps us sharp on progress and we get hands-on tips about various business aspects, such as marketing and sales. ”

Want to know more about Pyrolyze? Contact us at https://pyrolyze.com/contact/ pyrolyze.com or via info@pyrolyze.com